About us

Kayaking in Kosovo has an early tradition and has been institutionally applied since 1948 It continued uninterruptedly until 1990 when, due to the political situation, there was a disruption as was the case for other sports that took place in Kosovo.

At this time, all sports’ disciplines were conducted at local level only. It continued until the Kosovo Olympic Committee was admitted to the International Olympic Community. After this act, not only of a sport’s significance but also of a civilized and community significance, the international doors were opened for all distinguished athletes from Kosovo; and now Kosovo has some gold medalists in the Olympic Games. In recent years, all kayak enthusiasts have reorganized and established the Kosovo Kayak Federation.

  The mission of Kosovo Canoe Federation is to expand the sport of kayaking throughout Kosovo, by supporting a closer cooperation between kayaking         clubs to inspire young people to engage in kayaking, especially in organizing official competitions.